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About Evergreen

At Evergreen, we are dedicated to providing compassionate care that helps you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. We believe that every individual is unique and possesses the innate ability to heal themselves. With attentive listening and a passion for problem-solving, we strive to support your journey towards a long and joyful life.

Utilizing Top Research & Leading Edge Testing

The field of nutrition is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to sift through the abundance of information available to determine what is accurate and effective for your individual needs. At Evergreen, we are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest scientific research and digging deeper to uncover the facts beyond the headlines. We work closely with each client to develop personalized nutrition and lifestyle programs that are tailored to your unique needs. By utilizing Nutrition Response Testing, we can accurately assess what your body needs to thrive.

Meet Cathy

Certified in Functional Nutrition and Nutrition Response Testing®

I have a passion for helping people and a love of learning, especially in the area of health and wellness. I’m obsessed with finding strategies and information for my own health, and let’s be honest, I want to age beautifully! For years, I have researched and read the latest health and wellness information and enjoyed sharing insights with friends and family who shared their worries with me. It would start with, “I read recently…” or “You might try…” I noticed how great it felt to help people tackle an issue that was worrying them. I have a marketing degree from Florida State University and worked as a corporate meeting planner for 25 years. After entertaining thoughts of a career change and focusing on what brings me joy, I studied to get a certification in functional nutrition and learned how to use Nutrition Response Testing® as a tool to determine root cause and solutions.

Nutrition Response Testing® has been so valuable in my own health journey. After struggling for years to get pregnant and being diagnosed with PCOS, I learned about Nutrition Response Testing® and began seeing a practitioner. There were several things going on with me, the first of which was mercury toxicity. He also identified some food allergies. I slowly detoxed the metals, cleaned up my eating and took some whole food supplements that supported my ovaries and noticed how much better I felt. I no longer needed Claritin daily. What I thought were seasonal allergies (all the time) were in fact driven by the systemic inflammation of food allergies and once I corrected my eating, I didn’t need Claritin anymore, which was a complete surprise. I also realized what a normal poop was for the first time in my life (not to be gross)! The inflammation calmed down and the areas of my body that were testing as stressed began testing normally. A month later I was pregnant! I have been so fascinated with NRT ever since. I continue to use NRT in addition to standard doctor checks and lab tests for my own health.