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Live optimally! Whether you have a healthy lifestyle and just want to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients or problem-solving an issue, we are here to help, using the latest science in functional nutrition, lifestyle medicine and Nutrition Response Testing to find what works for you. 

Inflammation is often at the core of disease. Identifying the cause of the inflammation and working to "put out the fire" helps to restore health.


Why Functional Nutrition?

Functional Nutrition is the cornerstone of optimal health, as what we consume has a significant impact on our vitality and longevity. While nutrition is often the most critical factor in our overall health, it is not the only one. Movement, sleep, stress management, love, community, and purpose also play a vital role in promoting a healthy and fulfilling life.

A little Help

In today’s world, achieving optimal health can be challenging, even with a perfect diet. Modern farming practices, which deplete the soil of essential nutrients, food storage and transportation methods, the use of chemicals and pesticides, genetic modification, and an increasingly toxic environment can all make it difficult to obtain the vitamins and minerals we need. Additionally, our busy and stress-filled lifestyles can place significant demands on our minds and bodies. At Evergreen, we provide nutritional and wellness guidance, along with carefully selected supplements to help you achieve and maintain optimal health.

The Evergreen Approach to Functional Nutrition

The Right Food Is Essential

Our food recommendations focus on quality and how our food is grown, maximizing nutrients and lowering harmful chemicals, antibiotics, hormones, plastics, etc. that rob us of our health and vitality.

We provide recommendations for optimal health and longevity. We want to optimize your gut microbiome and your Omega 3 index, for example.

We work with you to develop specific strategies that meet your needs and goals. Weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune, inflammation…we have eating plans to help.

The Right Supplements Make All The Difference

The right supplements will greatly benefit your overall health. We recommend only the best-quality, whole-food and third-party certified supplements to ensure your body gets what it needs.

Not all supplements are created equal. Getting a bargain bottle could be adding something synthetic that your body can’t use or use well. It may even cause harm. Even high-quality, third-party tested supplements can work for one person and not another. We are all different and individual. This is particularly true with probiotics. We recommend only the best-quality, whole-food and third-party certified supplements that test well on most people, but even then, we test it on you to make sure it is what will work for you. We do Nutrition Response Testing as a tool to ensure your body gets what it needs in the right amount that can be easily absorbed and utilized. Do you need to take one pill or four? We test it! Your body knows what it needs. There are certain supplements we all may need because of our food quality and lifestyles, but often supplements taken to resolve an issue are short term and may be discontinued once the issue is resolved. Most of our supplements are simply whole food, so they are just the right food. It’s feeding your body what it needs to thrive.

Nutrition Response Testing®​

Nutrition Response Testing® is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body’s neurological reflexes in order to determine the root cause of ill health. It uses muscle testing to communicate with the body’s own innate intelligence to evaluate the body’s response to a broad variety of substances that may be affecting health and function.

We utilize Nutrition Response Testing® as one aspect of our supplement and food recommendations.

The exam goes like this: You extend one arm and the practitioner applies light pressure to that arm. They use their other hand to apply light pressure to certain organs and other areas of your body. If the reflex being tested is stressed, your nervous system reduces the energy to your extended arm, which causes your arm to weaken or even fall. That response indicates there is either stress or dysfunction in the area that is negatively impacting your health. The exam continues to identify the cause of the stressor so it may be eliminated and if there is something that will help your body restore optimal function.

Functional Nutrition
Can Help:


Diabetes & Insulin Resistance

Heart Disease


Autoimmune Disorders

Digestive Disorders

Anxiety & Depression

According to the USDA, the vitamin A in apples has dropped by 41% using 1961 vs. 2001 data. We know broccoli is so good for our health, but all seven of broccoli's measurable nutrients showed a massive drop, most notably calcium which fell 63% and iron which dropped 34%."